Rathod and Associates in Phillipsburg, New Jersey is a full-service dental care center with over 15 years experience providing dentistry for adults and children. We offer general, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry services for all kinds of patients for their unique needs. Our team consists of dentistry specialists and nurses that are trained for all types of dental procedures. We make sure you feel comfortable during your visits with personalized care and a spacious office.

Our state of the art office consists of advanced dental care technology to make sure very patient receives modern and effective care. From our digital x-ray systems to our intuitive dentistry tools we are able to provide a unique experience that is not available by other dental care facilities 

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Our Mission

Dr. Rathod's mission is to provide the best quality care for his patients so they can be worry free about their smile.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an amazing dental practice that is recognized as the best in the community for providing remarkable quality care and service to both children and adults in a caring family environment.

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