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General Dentistry 

General Dental Care

The team at Rathod And Associates in Phillipsburg, NJ provides comprehensive general dental care for all of their patients. We understand the health of your teeth is very important to you. Therefore we offer all our patient's proactive services that keep your smile healthy forever.

Teeth Cleaning & Hygeine

The easiest & most affordable way to improve a smile

Our In-house Hygienist performs teeth cleaning for everyone (Adults, Teenagers, Kids). We perform deep cleaning procedures to remove plaque, tarter, and stains on the surface of your teeth and in and around your gums. At the end of your cleaning procedure, you will walk out with a fresh and polished smile. If you are interested in keeping your healthy smile for longer, Click below about our Teeth For Life Program

Root Canal

Bring Back The Strength of Your Tooth

An injured or diseased tooth can be treated with a root canal treatment. The procedure consists of extracting the decayed pulp from the center of your tooth and replacing it with strong long lasting filling. It is a painless procedure that prevents tooth diseases from spreading. 

Root Canal

Tooth Filling

The easiest & most affordable way to improve a smile

A cracked or cavity tooth can be quickly and painlessly treated with a tooth filling procedure. A strong long lasting filler is placed within your teeth to ensure a cracked or cavity tooth does not decay. Contact Rathod & Associates for Tooth Filling Procedure 

Gum Treatment

Taking Care of Your Gums With Affordable Gum Protection Systems

We use one of the most advanced gum care technology to help protect your gums for diseases and decay. We use a Perio Protect system that is able to deliver medication deep into the pockets between the teeth and gums. It can kill bacteria that leads to periodontal diseases and prevent future infections. It is the most effective way to take care of your gums. Learn More About Perio Protect Below.  


More Reasons To Smile

We provide quality and affordable Complete Dentures and Denture Repairs services at our Phillipsburg, NJ office. We will find the right denture for you as well as provide adjustments to make sure your dentures feel comfortable and right every time. 

Gum Treatment

Let's Commit To You Oral Health

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