Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care

At Rathod And Associates, we believe your children's oral health is very important as they grow and get older. Taking care of your children's teeth from an early stage results in a longer lasting healthy smile. Our Phillipsburg, New Jersey office is designed to be kid-friendly with a comfortable layout and caring staff

Fun & Tearless Checkups

Comfortable Annual Checkups

A fun filled and worry free checkup is all your children need for a healthy smile. We will examine your child teeth for any abnormalities and teach your child basic oral health techniques.

Cavity Fillings

Sometimes Your Children May Have To Many Sugary Treats & Drinks

The best way to treat cavities is with fillings. We perform quick and painless filling procedures so your child won't feel any discomfort. Your child can go on to normal activities immediately after the procedure. Call your Phillipsburg dentist today.


Baby Teeth Causing A Problem

Our goal is to preserve your child's natural teeth and keep them healthy for as long as possible. However, Tooth extraction may be your best interest (for your child) when their teeth are damaged, overcrowded, or have stubborn baby teeth. Ask Dr. Rathod for an evaluation to see what procedures are right for your children.

Lets Make A Fun Experience At The Dentist

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