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Is painless needle injection at the dentist possible? YES!!!

Do you faint at the mere sight of the needle and syringe? Afraid of going to dentist because of the pain from the needle? Do you get nightmares of the needle the night before your dental appointment?

Well, now there is a less painful technique of giving dental injection without the dreaded syringe. No more stress and anxiety over the pain from the needle.

The Wand is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia. It uses a patented technology to control the rate of flow and pressure of the anesthesia during injection. Majority of the dental injection pain comes from the rate of flow of the anesthesia liquid. Dentist with a heavy hand tend to press the dental syringe harder, resulting in a faster rate of flow and thus more pain. With the Wands’ slow and constant rate of flow, most patients feel little to no pain.

The office of Rathod & Associates uses this injection technique exclusively. In our office, majority of the time, patients will not even know that an injection was given on the upper jaw. It does not look like a syringe nor does it feel like a syringe. It looks like a small pen.

My kids are terrified of the needle, will it work for them?

Yes!! It works great on kids too! Most of the kids we treat are unaware that an injection was given. No more crying at the mere sight of the big ol’ syringe.

Furthermore, the Wand can be used to give single tooth anesthesia for the lower jaw. No more unable to talk right or drooling after getting the lower jaw numb. No more, I can’t feel my lip or my lip feels like it’s huge. With single tooth anesthesia, you can talk and go to work without people knowing you went to a dentist.

So stop putting off dental work because of fear of the dreaded needle! Your oral care is part of your whole body wellness. Your body is made up of interconnected parts where each part affects other parts. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is vital to keeping a healthy body.

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